Make Mail!

Make Mail Workshops provide an opportunity for kids to make mailable art! Art supplies, envelopes, and postage stamps are provided. Participants bring mailing addresses of friends or family for whom they would like to send some postal love.

Invite Melissa of Viva Snail Mail to host a Make Mail Workshop at your event, school, or museum!

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Your $10 donation will buy 50 blue envelopes. Your $30 donation will buy 100 postcard stamps. Thanks!

Melissa is the best. Including envelopes and stamps as part of valentine making is such a cool idea!

-Elle, mom of Zoe, 2.

As soon as Elise’s grandmother received the card, she picked up the phone and called us.  She was delighted and touched!  The card was so creative and unique and colorful (and filled with bright yellow feathers!) along with Elise’s adorable 5 year old handwriting – a one-of-a-kind expression, made just for her.  

-Charlotte, mom of Elise, 5.

My sister was sooo happy to get the mail that Ellie made for her at your workshop. Ellie was also proud of herself as she managed to keep it a secret from her…. The first ever!!!

-Josie, mom of Ellie, 7.



4 thoughts on “Make Mail!

  1. This is great. I buy the Black Heritage stamps and Shirley Chisholm was a hero(ine) of mine. Yes to Ruby Dee on a stamp. I knew om karawa died, and saw a write up of Ray Johnson recently who also made mail art. I look forward to seeing a lot more of your work.

    • hi jolie, thanks for visiting vsm! i also read in the nyt about the new ray johnson book, “not nothing”. i’m going to check it out. there’s a good documentary about him called, “how to draw a bunny” which is worth watching.

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