Analog Renaissance

Hey guess what? Viva Snail Mail was included in a round up of analog love in New York City in this week’s New York Magazine. I loved reading about the other users and enthusiasts of pre-digital technologies, because my analog appreciation extends beyond paper mail. I am also a fan of film cameras, vinyl records, letterpress, bookbinding, pinball, and typewriters. Let’s face facts. I kind of want to be this lady, but with fluffier hair.

Analog love from 1947. I found it at the New York City Public Library Picture Collection but don’t know who the photographer was.

Letters by Saul Bellow

The other night in my building’s laundry room I picked up a copy of Saul Bellow’s 1961 novel, Herzog. While I waited for my clothes to finish drying I got drawn in to the world of Moses Herzog, a man who had “fallen under a spell and was writing letters to everyone under the sun.”

So it was quite serendipitous that in today’s New York Times there is a review of a new book of Saul Bellow’s letters, edited by Benjamin Taylor. While Herzog never mailed his rants, Bellow was an active correspondent, writing letters throughout his life. I think the two books will be interesting reading companions.


Photo of Saul Bellow by Kevin Horan/Time Life Pictures, via Getty Images


Grandpa’s Typewriter

My Grandpa Al loved to write. He was a great story teller and his letters were funny, descriptive, and tangential. He passed away last week at 95 years old. While my Grandmother bravely transitioned to using a computer and is an excellent email correspondent, my Grandpa continued to write letters on his typewriter. And now, like many typewriter users of the previous century, he has passed on. I wonder what will become of that beautiful old machine. Thanks for the letters Grandpa. They will be missed. And so will you.

grandpa letter002

p.s. Again I apologize for the formatting on WordPress. My options are to either post this letter excerpt too small to read or all stretched out like this.