apple mail

As you may have noticed, I have not been keeping up on my posts! It has been a busy fall season at VSM headquarters. But this week I am back on track, with an apple print postcard project to share.

Wondering what to do with all those apples you picked at some glorious autumn location?


Make apple print postcards with apple postage stamps– its fun for kids and adults alike! Cut an apple in half, lay face down on paper towels to absorb moisture (aka apple juice, yum). Apply tempera paint to apple surface or use rubber stamp ink pads and press apple to postcards made from cereal boxes. Let dry and then add stems and leaves with colored pencils or markers.


Apply these beautiful apple postage stamps and send out some autumn love!


Treasures of the Post

shell postcardSummer is upon us and its postcard season! I just returned from a summer kick off mini vacation with my family and guess what I forgot to pack? Postage stamps.

VSM summer postcard sending tip #1: Tuck some postcard stamps in to your wallet so that when you are near postcards you can take advantage.

VSM summer postcards sending tip #2: Start a address book so that your snail mailing addresses are retrievable online. Its free!

VSM summer postcards sending tip #3: Visit the site, Bad Postcards, for some postcard inspiration.

Viva summer postcards!

College Mail

By way of social media I learned that Jason Uechi, a fellow alum of Hampshire College, was encouraging people to send mail to their old college post office boxes. Of course I lit up at this idea. I immediately found this ‘so terrible its good’ postcard of Hampshire from my collection and sent it off.


Uechi was inspired by the care packages he used to receive in college from family back in Hawaii, filled with items that he couldn’t get on the East Coast. Recently he started sending treats back to his parents and somehow made the leap to mailing something to the current occupant of the po box where he received all those much loved care packages back in the 1980’s. He put the word out on Facebook to other alums and the response was enthusiastic.

I’m guessing that the p.o. box is far less important for college students these days, what with all the instant methods of connecting with the world beyond campus. For me, pre internet and pre cell phone and on financial aid, mail was a real link to my friends and family and much cheaper than making long distance phone calls. I love that Uechi’s idea reactivates the p.o. box as a place of surprise, connection, and chocolate.


tiny post offices postcards

I love these postcards from Kyle Durrie of Power and Light Press. You can see the rest of the illustrations in the pack on her tiny post offices tumblr.

Kyle gets to see tiny post offices up close as she tours the country in her Moveable Type truck, a 1982 Chevy step van, retrofitted as a letterpress printing shop. Maybe she will be driving through your town this year, or you can propose that she schedules a visit/workshop in your neck of the woods.

Um, I think I am in love with Kyle Durrie.


Happy New Year!

Its going to be a great year for mail. I can feel it. The 2013 stamps show alot of promise, including these apple postcard stamps.

Speaking of postcards, one of my favorite Christmas gifts was the book, The Postcard Age. It is a phenomenal survey of postcard art from the turn of the last century, when a “postcard craze” swept the globe. The images in the book are beautiful and bizarre. I’ll leave the bizarre to your imagination but here is an example of beauty:

The book is a companion to The Postcard Age exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, which is up until April 14, 2013. Go see the real postcards up close!

VSM Holiday Guide to Postcards 4.

Tim Davis is offering a subscription to his Mailbox of the Month Club, which is my kind of postal project. For 50 bucks you or your gift getter will receive 12 signed, limited edition postcards of pictures he made of mailboxes. And they’ll arrive in a mailbox.

The Mailbox of the Month Club accompanies an essay that Davis wrote for the latest issue of Aperture Magazine. If you’ve got an art appreciator on your list, then receiving original work by Tim Davis for 12 straight months might be very exciting. I subscribed and am already plotting how I will display these gems. Taped on the wall like my other favorite postcards? Framed like an (affordable) piece of art? Both?

The mailings start in January 2013.

photo by Tim Davis.

VSM Holiday Guide To Postcards 3.

Do you have an enthusiast of cities, street culture, or graffiti art on your list?

Well then Martha Cooper: Postcards from New York City 1978-2010 is the one! Cooper is a documentary photographer and this collection spans her many years as an observer of the New York City scape.

I bought these for myself. Yes I buy most of my own stocking stuffers. No I don’t mind. These would look fantastic with the Earthscapes stamps, right? Maybe I’ll mail one to you.