Happy 2016!

I love when several people alert me to the same article because it makes me feel like y’all got my back. Thank you! So here it is, a link to an opinion piece by Zeynep Tufekci in yesterday’s New York Times titled, “Why The Post Office Makes America Great.” I appreciate Tufeksi’s perspective on the relationship between infrastructure and innovation in our country. And while I tend to want more public funding for infrastructure, especially for train travel, its good to be reminded that there would be no internet without the federal research funding that brought it to life and there’d be no internet economy without the USPS to guarantee delivery.



I Love the Post Office.

There was an essay in the New York Times Sunday Review last week by Ethan Hauser called I Love the Post Office that I want to pass on to you. Hauser articulated something I have written about before, the harshness of NYC post offices. They can be frustratingly inefficient, even for a snail mail loyalist like myself. Especially for a snail mail loyalist like myself! In fact, when I travel I love to visit post offices. They’re consistently much nicer than the ones here.

After I read the essay I realized that I went to high school with Ethan Hauser.

Well done, Ethan!

maya mail is real!

maya stamp

This week the USPS released its Maya Angelou stamp! Our petitioning worked! But in the words of my dad, there is a “kerfufel” over the text used on the stamp. Apparently its a verbal quote from Angelou but she was paraphrasing the text of a poem by Joan Walsh Anglund, published 2 years prior to Angelou’s autobiography, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. Oops. Just what the USPS needs, negative media attention…

To be honest, the mis-quote bothers me less than the artwork. I don’t love it. But I do love the idea of a Maya Angelou stamp so I will be buying some right now to honor that Phenomenal Woman.

Viva Maya Mail!

pigeon mail!

I got a pigeon in the mail! My dear sister Hope sent me this pigeon to my P.O. box. pigeonpost

She arrived in a USPS plastic bag like a cruel joke but was otherwise unscathed and now she sits on my desk overseeing the paper mail production that takes place here. I guess she’s my new supervisor. Thanks Hope!

If you want to send a pigeon to someone by mail, you can buy a Pigeon Post kit on the Letter Writers Alliance website. Do it. Its so fun to receive!

tiny post offices postcards

I love these postcards from Kyle Durrie of Power and Light Press. You can see the rest of the illustrations in the pack on her tiny post offices tumblr.

Kyle gets to see tiny post offices up close as she tours the country in her Moveable Type truck, a 1982 Chevy step van, retrofitted as a letterpress printing shop. Maybe she will be driving through your town this year, or you can propose that she schedules a visit/workshop in your neck of the woods.

Um, I think I am in love with Kyle Durrie.