mailbox makeovers

132  4Biskit spotted these mailboxes in Atlanta, getting switched out.

Dear scuffed up mailboxes,

Thank you for your service. You deserve a spa day like your bright blue comrades on the left side of the truck just received.

Love, Viva Snail Mail

Valentines Day recap

I think this fantastic mailbox embellishment may be the work of the women behind Good Mail Day but in the un-credited world of the internet jpeg, I am not certain. In any case I LOVE it!

My family got several hand delivered valentines- so sweet.

The handmade cards, of course, slay me but I am also so fond of this store bought card that my son got from a friend at school.

But by post the yield was small this year. Good thing I got valentine mail on Wednesday and Friday because on Thursday, Valentines Day, all there was in my mailbox was a real estate brochure and a credit card bill. I was actually quite depressed. But then I remembered that whole ‘better to give than receive’ thing and all the other blessings in my life and I stopped pouting. Thanks so much to all the people who gave us a little paper affection this year.