Postman Pete

This week my son came home from school with the book, Postman Pete, written by Val Marshall and Bronwyn Tester, illustrated by Marjory Gardner. A bicycle riding postman? Well all right!

And while we’re thinking about mail as a medium for the expression of love, Valentine’s Day is 2 weeks away. Get crafting! Your friends, neighbors, and family will be so grateful!

Happy Halloween!

Hurricane Sandy gave us quite a fright. Here in New York City we’re all in a bit of shock. The damage to homes, businesses, and trees is immense. Many are without electricity and schools and subways are closed. Here’s a little distraction from all the very real scariness, an illustration from the children’s book “One Witch” by Laura Leuck, illustrated by S.D. Schindler.



RIP Remy Charlip

Earlier this year I wrote about re-discovering the book, Arm in Arm by the children’s book author/illustrator, dancer, and choreographer Remy Charlip. Well he passed away this month at the age of 83.

In his New York Times obituary I learned that one of his playful ways of collaborating was “airmail dance.” He would send a set of drawings of dance poses by post to other dance companies and have them put the poses together with their own choreography.

Remy Charlip, I adore you. Thanks for gracing us with your wit and creativity.

Viva Remy Charlip!