self mail

A good friend’s mom recently died, after a long struggle with cancer. At her funeral she was eulogized by her children and oldest grandchild, with such love. One son recalled a Passover tradition she had. When packing up all her special plates from her family’s Seders, she would write herself a letter and tuck it on top of the Seder plate, along with letters from prior years, to be read again upon opening the box for next year’s Passover events.

This ritual moved me, particularly for a woman who was described as such a giver, so generous and open hearted. Within her Seder tradition, which was inherently a group activity, she imbedded some time with herself to reflect on her own life, in her own words.

I have never hosted a Seder but I do unpack and repack our Christmas decorations each year. Perhaps I will include a letter to myself as a way of recording the highlights of my family’s holiday season, to slow down and remember the richness of our lives because honestly, Christmas can sometimes feel like too much, too fast, and then its over. What a smart way to start off the following year’s season, with a hand written reminder to myself of what I love.

mom mail

Guys, I fell off the wagon. For months. But last night I got out my postcards and stamps and my favorite pen and wrote a bunch of postcards for some of the moms in my life and it felt so good! I was like, oh right. I like this.

I have been pulled in so many directions this year that snail mail felt like an extension of “kin keeping,” those obligatory tasks that are often taken on by women in order to maintain relationships. I just did not have the bandwidth to reach out with mail. And my art practice has been more focused on drawing lately so I wasn’t even thinking about snail mail as art so much. But.

I’m going to try to climb back on the snail mail wagon. Also, how gorgeous is that The Quilts of Gee’s Bend postcard? Wagons, paper mail, and quilts? What is this, 1917?

peanuts stamps!

Ok I am not trying to rush you in to Christmas mode when we are in the glorious days of early autumn but I am just so excited about these newly issued stamps!



If you like them as much as I do and are a Christmas card sender, order them now and then you’ll be all set in December. The one with Charlie Brown looking in to the mailbox? Its meta magic!

mom mail

Sunday is Mother’s Day y’all. Make some cards and send them to the moms in your life- you know that they will be appreciated. Get them in the mail pronto!


Look at these adorable hand sewn mom cards by Memory Threads that I saw at a Brooklyn fair this weekend. Jenna, the creative force behind Memory Threads, provided sharpies for kids to customize the cloth cards for their moms. Such a sweet idea!


Its February and you know what that means in the Northeast, right? Cold. Grey. Snow. Slush. And.


Colorful, cheerful, love filled mail traveling coast to coast, mailbox to mailbox!

Yes Valentine’s Day is next week and it is the most beloved of VSM opportunities! Not the chocolate and teddy bears commercial holiday that makes people feel bad if they don’t have a mate. But the handmade holiday when you get to make and send your favorite people a token of your affection. Ok and enjoy a bit of chocolate. Let’s do this!

Viva Valentines!