espo mail

I received a seriously good birthday gift from my husband, a print by the very talented Stephen Powers! I have been a fan of Powers since way back in the 1990’s when he was known as the graffiti artist, Espo. In 2009 I wrote a post about his love letter to Philadelphia mural project and I recommend a great, companion movie to the murals,   A Love Letter for You, directed by my friend Joey Garfield that you can view on iTunes.

So to bring it back to snail mail, Powers made greeting cards! And they’re rad. Buy this excellent boxed set of 12 greeting cards as a holiday gift. Just make sure the recipient has someone to send the cards to- they’re all pretty flirty.


holiday mail 2014

Even though I LOVE Christmas I try to keep holiday shopping simple. I don’t shop on Black Friday because I celebrate Buy Nothing Day. I believe there is a direct correlation between our consumer habits and Climate Change.


One of my favorite holiday customs is sending and receiving cards and if I’m going to do that well, its time to start thinking/planning/shopping. Today.

Are you with me?

How great are these vintage postage stamps from Darling One’s Etsy shop? These would look amazing on your very planned ahead holiday card envelopes right?


inverted mail

I just received a package from my sister Hope with the Inverted Jenny stamps as postage.

Her enclosed note reads:

As soon as I saw these re-issued Inverted Jenny stamps at the post office, I knew I had to use them to send you some inverted mail. But how do you invert the mail? Answer: mail the negatives from pictures of people hanging upside down.



I love when there is a relationship between paper mail’s postage and content. And Hope’s concept made me laugh! Inverted on many levels, she even wrote my name upside down on the package! And her card featured a reverse panda, with white rings around its eyes!

I challenge you to buy some Inverted Jenny stamps, and send some inverted mail of your own invention.


farmer mail


Its the height of the summer bounty! Peaches. Basil. Tomatoes. Yum. At the Grand Army Plaza GreenMarket yesterday I learned that it was Farmer Appreciation Day. Hot breakfast and coffee were made for farmers by GreenMarket staff and customers were encouraged to write cards to their favorite vendors.


Handwritten cards you say? Using paper mail to connect people in a meaningful way? Fantastic! This lovely gesture coincidentally aligned with the new Farmers Markets stamps, issued by the USPS last week. With glee I found a photo of the new stamps on my smart phone to show to the GreenMarket staff. They were psyched to hear about them. I even suggested buying some stamps as gifts for vendors.


And in today’s New York Times there is a piece by Bren Smith called Don’t Let your Children Grow up to be Farmers, about just how hard it is to turn a profit as a small-scale farmer. Sounds like a bit of farmer appreciation in the form of policy change is in order, if we are truly committed to the Farm to Table movement.

holiday cards

Take a look at the interview with John Waters in the NYT about his Christmas traditions. He’s been making his own Christmas cards since 1964 and sends them to over 2000 addresses. I want on that mailing list!

I have received one holiday card so far (and it was a good one, Hope Roth) and find myself, once again, stuck between the handmade, Gocco printed vision and the reality of other commitments. When will I learn to make my cards in November? But I will rally and get ’em done because I am partial to my non traditional contributions to the tradition.

Viva Non Traditional Holiday Cards! And traditional ones too…


Tween Mail

Last week during the heat wave, my friend Dari and I hosted a Crafternoon for Tweens at our local playground. Dari taught lanyard making and I brought some beautiful, donated papers, supplies, and postage stamps to make collage cards for friends. Serendipitously, a posse of girls from the local horse stable’s summer camp happened to be cooling off in the playground’s sprinklers so they jumped right in to the mix. At one point one of the campers said, “This is so much better than shoveling manure.”


Even though I was a bit sloth-like due to the 96 degree heat I still had a great time chatting and making cards. And the kids loved it. Nothing better. Please consider making a donation so that I can continue to provide free mail making events to adorable people of all ages. Viva Snail Mail!


Chicago Mail

My family went on vacation to Chicago, well actually Evanston. We were visiting our good friends who had the nerve to move back to their hometown after the kids in New York City thing proved untenable. And they made the right choice because their new, old locale is great. We had a fantastic time!

Some VSM highlights were meeting Donovan from the Letter Writers Alliance and visiting the lovely paper goods store, Greer. It is chock full of carefully selected goodies like this letterpress greeting card from paper parasol pressIMG_2154And this impressive hand cut  Lake  Michigan card by Crafterall.  The little star is Chicago. IMG_2155I even got to be there for the mail carrier’s delivery!IMG_2157

Viva Snail Mail!