espo mail

I received a seriously good birthday gift from my husband, a print by the very talented Stephen Powers! I have been a fan of Powers since way back in the 1990’s when he was known as the graffiti artist, Espo. In 2009 I wrote a post about his love letter to Philadelphia mural project and I recommend a great, companion movie to the murals,   A Love Letter for You, directed by my friend Joey Garfield that you can view on iTunes.

So to bring it back to snail mail, Powers made greeting cards! And they’re rad. Buy this excellent boxed set of 12 greeting cards as a holiday gift. Just make sure the recipient has someone to send the cards to- they’re all pretty flirty.


Ray Johnson 2.

Just dug out my copy of “How to Draw a Bunny“, a documentary about Ray Johnson. I haven’t seen it in years and am going to watch it tonight for inspiration. When I went to do a google search about the movie, I started to type the title but had only put in “how to” when this list of suggestions appeared.

how to tie a tie

how to make it in America

how to take screenshots on a mac

how to lose weight fast

how to draw

how to lose weight

how to hard boil eggs

how to boil an egg

how to download youtube videos

how to write a resume


I think Ray Johnson would have had a field day with this list.