mom mail

Sunday is Mother’s Day y’all. Make some cards and send them to the moms in your life- you know that they will be appreciated. Get them in the mail pronto!


Look at these adorable hand sewn mom cards by Memory Threads that I saw at a Brooklyn fair this weekend. Jenna, the creative force behind Memory Threads, provided sharpies for kids to customize the cloth cards for their moms. Such a sweet idea!


Its February and you know what that means in the Northeast, right? Cold. Grey. Snow. Slush. And.


Colorful, cheerful, love filled mail traveling coast to coast, mailbox to mailbox!

Yes Valentine’s Day is next week and it is the most beloved of VSM opportunities! Not the chocolate and teddy bears commercial holiday that makes people feel bad if they don’t have a mate. But the handmade holiday when you get to make and send your favorite people a token of your affection. Ok and enjoy a bit of chocolate. Let’s do this!

Viva Valentines!

tiny post offices postcards

I love these postcards from Kyle Durrie of Power and Light Press. You can see the rest of the illustrations in the pack on her tiny post offices tumblr.

Kyle gets to see tiny post offices up close as she tours the country in her Moveable Type truck, a 1982 Chevy step van, retrofitted as a letterpress printing shop. Maybe she will be driving through your town this year, or you can propose that she schedules a visit/workshop in your neck of the woods.

Um, I think I am in love with Kyle Durrie.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Between the output of pint size cuties in my valentine making workshops, the creations of my children, and my own valentine production, 2013 has turned out to be a fun, colorful and love infused valentine making year.

I hope you receive a valentine or two in your mailbox. There’s nothing better!

Thank you notes

I am writing this post to motivate myself and my children to get those holiday thank you notes written! While this blog is mostly about the pleasures of paper mail, sending thank you cards is obligatory. But like good dental hygiene, I think its important. Here are a few choice items via Etsy:

How about this lil fawn by Pheasant Press?

 Or this card by Seas and Peas? It comes with a Golden Girls magnet!

Or make your own thank you notes with this beautiful hand carved rubber stamp by extase?

Whatever thank you note route you take, just get it done, ok, uh, Melissa?

Left Field Cards

Last month at Renegade Craft Fair I came across Left Field Cards’ booth, selling packs of handmade, baseball themed postcards. There were 6 different packs of 5 to choose from and after much deliberation I decided on “Bizarre Injuries” for my husband for his birthday. He loved them! Can you see why?


Left Field Cards is the brainchild of Amelie Mancini, a French artist who moved to New York City in 2006 and fell in love with American baseball. I love her illustrations, her product presentation, her sense of humor and the fact that she has chosen postcards as her medium. Buy a pack for that baseball fan in your life. Because these cards are close to perfect, in sharp contrast to Mancini’s favorite baseball team, The New York Mets.


2012 Postcard Challenge

My love of postcards is a nature/nurture trait. The opportunity for sparce but meaningful writing on one side and a single photo or illustration on the other speaks to my aesthetics. I like the balance of image and text, the chance to receive an unexpected, little piece of art to hang on my wall. That appreciation is both nature and nurture. But the straight nurture? That is a direct result of my step-father Biskit and his band of postcard loving friends, the Pastafarians. But like many of us, their card sending fell off in the digital transition. So a few summers back Biskit initiated a postcard challenge to get people back in postal shape and the results were impressive. My family received 67 postcards!

So the Pastafarians are at it again, with the 2012 Postcard Challenge. And I have already received 3 postcards. Thanks Sue, Lago, and Deb! I am going to start sending out cards today.

Here’s how it works.

1. Get a group of friends to agree to a postcard challenge! Skeptical? What about all those “friends” you have on Facebook. Rope them in!

2. Have them email you their paper mailing addresses.

3. Distribute this list to everyone in the group. If you want to get theme-y, go right ahead! I’d be psyched for a “Greetings from…” postcard challenge.

4. Buy some stamps from

5. Make picture postcards out of cereal boxes and old National Geographics that you rescue from the curb (that’s what I do) or buy some at a museum/book store/card shop/antique store.

6. Mail them to people on your list. All summer.

7. Receive mail from people on your list. All summer.

Viva Snail Mail!