pollinator mail

Guys, these postage stamps are just begging to be adhered to some bee and butterfly embellished envelopes! Viva pollinator mail art!

Let us now praise pollinating insects.

  • We need them so we can eat food!
  • Bees are endangered due to pesticide use!
  • My name, Melissa, means honeybee!
  • I made a short film about a rooftop beekeeper in Brooklyn a while back!
  • Lovely, gentle, helpful, bees often get mistaken for aggressive wasps and hornets!
  • Most “bee stings” are actually wasp stings!
  • Butterflies are wonderful, helpful, and endangered too!
  • Planting milkweed and other native, flowering plants that attract pollinators in your yard or stoop or window box can help bees and butterflies!

Not sure if all those exclamation points were needed but I do love bees and butterflies and am glad that the USPS has issued these Protect Pollinators stamps. Buy some!

Oh, there I go again.

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