I Love the Post Office.

There was an essay in the New York Times Sunday Review last week by Ethan Hauser called I Love the Post Office that I want to pass on to you. Hauser articulated something I have written about before, the harshness of NYC post offices. They can be frustratingly inefficient, even for a snail mail loyalist like myself. Especially for a snail mail loyalist like myself! In fact, when I travel I love to visit post offices. They’re consistently much nicer than the ones here.

After I read the essay I realized that I went to high school with Ethan Hauser.

Well done, Ethan!

mom mail

Sunday is Mother’s Day y’all. Make some cards and send them to the moms in your life- you know that they will be appreciated. Get them in the mail pronto!


Look at these adorable hand sewn mom cards by Memory Threads that I saw at a Brooklyn fair this weekend. Jenna, the creative force behind Memory Threads, provided sharpies for kids to customize the cloth cards for their moms. Such a sweet idea!