holiday mail 2014

Even though I LOVE Christmas I try to keep holiday shopping simple. I don’t shop on Black Friday because I celebrate Buy Nothing Day. I believe there is a direct correlation between our consumer habits and Climate Change.


One of my favorite holiday customs is sending and receiving cards and if I’m going to do that well, its time to start thinking/planning/shopping. Today.

Are you with me?

How great are these vintage postage stamps from Darling One’s Etsy shop? These would look amazing on your very planned ahead holiday card envelopes right?


reply all mail

reply all mail

Last month my sister sent an email to the family with a link about terrible candies made in Boston, our hometown, including Necco wafers. We all remember walking past the Necco factory in Central Square in Cambridge and smelling delicious artificial flavors but apparently not everyone has such positive associations. Frankly, they are unpopular. My own daughter handed a just sampled mini pack to me on Halloween and said, “I don’t like these.”

I took 4 mini Necco wafer packs from a generous neighbor when we were trick or treating and mailed them to my mom and 3 sisters, along with the anecdote about my daughter’s Necco wafer rejection. Since you can’t send mini Necco wafer packs via email (yet) I opted for analog Reply All packages. All 4 were as identical as the human hand can muster. It was an email/paper mail hybrid, following up on fun, group experienced email content with a handmade, paper mail delivery system. Best of both worlds.