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My sister teaches 2nd grade and initiated a Flat Stanley project with her students. Are you familiar? The idea is based on a 1964 children’s book, Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown about a boy who gets squished by a bulletin board and then is flat enough to slip under doors, be flown like a kite, and best of all, be mailed in an envelope.

An adorable Flat Stanley, colored with crayon, and a letter arrived in my mailbox in October with a request to take the paper boy on an adventure and write back to the students about the experience. The idea is to help children learn about different places around the world. So great. So up my alley.

Despite being Ms. Paper Mail, Ms. Make Mail, I let the letter languish in a pile of unanswered mail. For months. Yes, we’re all hypocrites sometimes.

But I finally got my act together in May and sent the students an absurd and fictional letter about why my response had taken so long. It had to do with Flat Stanley escaping on the subway and reuniting with us many months later. In the process I shared lots of details about my family’s life here in Brooklyn and some of the ways we spend our time. It was so fun to write and the students apparently loved it.

Even hypocrites can turn things around.

Viva Snail Mail!

6 thoughts on “flat stanley

  1. “Flat Stanley” exchanges are a fun project! It definitely teaches kids how to address and send mail. And they definitely love to receive mail!

  2. well, crystal, if your stanley was anything like the adventurous paper boy who visited us he probably just slipped right under the door at the triboro postal processing center and took the 7 train to manhattan. and with that t shirt and all his travel stories, i bet he quickly got a job as a tour guide on one of those double decker buses.

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