unsent mail

Have you ever written an angry letter that you never sent? I have and its very cathartic. An article by Maria Konnikova in yesterday’s New York Times, The Lost Art of the Angry Unsent Letter, is all about the benefits of writing down your feelings and then stepping back from what you wrote. Maybe cooling off a bit. And then perhaps deciding not to send that sentiment. This arc from anger to articulation to reflection is much less likely to happen in the age of tweets and posts and emails but nevertheless, is useful. The next time you are f@&*ing pissed at someone, write it all down with paper and pen in a letter. Then wait a bit, like a day or two, and read what you wrote. It may help you to figure out what you’d like to express to that person in a healthy way, when you’re not so hot under the collar.

casey mail

Ok I have a crush on Casey Neistat. Its not a “I want him to be my boyfriend” crush, although he is adorable. Its more of a “I desire to have that combination of energy, creativity, and focus” kind of crush. Like a vampire, I have a crush on his chutzpah. And his studio.

While many of Neistat’s internet movies start stronger than they end, he is still the King of my Youtube. AND! In his video, Do the Right Thing, snail mail pulls rank over email. Adamantly. Now I can add champion of snail mail to Neistat’s attractive qualities. I sent him a SASE and sure enough he mailed me a sticker pack. Well, since I follow him on Instagram I know he was not in NYC, so someone in his studio mailed me a sticker pack.

Let me be clear. I love my husband. And if he took off to make movies for days at a time and stayed up all night editing and drove our car in to a pond, we’d be divorced.

viva internet crushes and real love too!