doorstep mail

Despite assertions by my wise grandmother that I should be underwritten by the USPS, I’m not doing all this for them. My devotion is to communication, to paper, to art, to the hand-made. And that can happen without a stamp. This past week my daughter and I were thinking up creative ways to spend a cold, winter afternoon and decided to leave pictures and clementines on our hallway neighbors’ doorsteps.


And we got several responses, including this beautiful letter.

photoViva hand delivered messages between neighbors!


valentine countdown


I am gearing up for valentine making season, one of my favorite times of year. I just ordered these valentine stamps on for upcoming workshops. Designed by USPS art director Antonio Alcalá and illustrated by Q. Cassetti, they were inspired by a form of scherenschnitte, the traditional German art of cut paper illustration, called liebesbriefe. Liebesbriefe are ornately cut and painted love letters. I could not find many examples on the internet. If you know about liebesbriefe, let me know! This one from 1809 was on the site, Free Library of Philadelphia, where you can read more about this intricate love letter.


Scherenschnitte means “scissor cuts” in German and there are so many incredible scherenschitte boards on Pinterest. Take a look! And then perhaps buy some exacto blades and give it a try.