holiday cards

Take a look at the interview with John Waters in the NYT about his Christmas traditions. He’s been making his own Christmas cards since 1964 and sends them to over 2000 addresses. I want on that mailing list!

I have received one holiday card so far (and it was a good one, Hope Roth) and find myself, once again, stuck between the handmade, Gocco printed vision and the reality of other commitments. When will I learn to make my cards in November? But I will rally and get ’em done because I am partial to my non traditional contributions to the tradition.

Viva Non Traditional Holiday Cards! And traditional ones too…


VSM Gift Guide 2013

Starting to think about Christmas presents? I am. But since my family and I don’t actually need anything I am happy to turn the gift gaze outward with some VSM suggestions for the mail loving somebodies in your life.

1. To the Letter: A Celebration of the Lost Art of Letter Writing by Simon Garfield. Haven’t read it yet but its getting a good amount of press.

2. Taro Gomi’s Scribble It! Postcards. A book of 30 tear out postcards with simple illustrations along with writing and drawing prompts. We have them and they’re fun for kids and adults.

3. How about a set of 2 airmail inspired balsam sachets from Sewn Natural? These are kinda beautiful. And they’ll make your, ahem, drawers smell good.


4. I am in the midst of a high school throw back with Le Pen, and olive green is my favorite color. I just bought mine at a local art supply store which in itself reminded me of pen shopping back in the day, trying out different brands, colors, and widths on the little pads of white paper provided by the shopkeeper. A set of 12 assorted colors would make a sweet gift.

5. And the best VSM gift of all is stamps! My stepfather bought me an assortment last Christmas, both thoughtful AND practical. As you know, I already suggested the Johnny Cash stamps as a gift but how about the Made In America stamps? And did you know that there are Harry Potter stamps out now? Those would be great for a Potter loving kid, along with some card making craft supplies.

Viva Snail Mail gifts!