pigeon mail!

I got a pigeon in the mail! My dear sister Hope sent me this pigeon to my P.O. box. pigeonpost

She arrived in a USPS plastic bag like a cruel joke but was otherwise unscathed and now she sits on my desk overseeing the paper mail production that takes place here. I guess she’s my new supervisor. Thanks Hope!

If you want to send a pigeon to someone by mail, you can buy a Pigeon Post kit on the Letter Writers Alliance website. Do it. Its so fun to receive!

johnny cash forever!

This past weekend Greenpoint Hand Skills and Viva Snail Mail! co-hosted Johnny Cash Forever, a mail making workshop inspired by the 2013 Johnny Cash postage stamps. Participants were invited to make a card inspired by Cash’s lyrics, write a letter to a favorite Johnny Cash fan, or simply send a missive to a like minded friend. Craft supplies, black envelopes, and postage stamps were provided.

cash letter

One woman made a card for her college age son and planned to include some Johnny Cash cash in the envelope. Smart phones made excellent devices for retrieving lyrics and the black envelopes looked great with white pencil and metallic sharpies.

cash mail

This guy just happened to be walking by and saw the sign. He felt compelled to come in and make mail since he was wearing a Johnny Cash t-shirt.jc tee

So go buy Johnny Cash stamps and send mail to the Johnny Cash fans in your life. Or better yet, buy them a sheet of stamps as a gift.


Johnny Cash Forever!