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By way of social media I learned that Jason Uechi, a fellow alum of Hampshire College, was encouraging people to send mail to their old college post office boxes. Of course I lit up at this idea. I immediately found this ‘so terrible its good’ postcard of Hampshire from my collection and sent it off.


Uechi was inspired by the care packages he used to receive in college from family back in Hawaii, filled with items that he couldn’t get on the East Coast. Recently he started sending treats back to his parents and somehow made the leap to mailing something to the current occupant of the po box where he received all those much loved care packages back in the 1980’s. He put the word out on Facebook to other alums and the response was enthusiastic.

I’m guessing that the p.o. box is far less important for college students these days, what with all the instant methods of connecting with the world beyond campus. For me, pre internet and pre cell phone and on financial aid, mail was a real link to my friends and family and much cheaper than making long distance phone calls. I love that Uechi’s idea reactivates the p.o. box as a place of surprise, connection, and chocolate.


5 thoughts on “College Mail

  1. I love the idea of sending mail to someone who used to have the same mailbox as you. If I ever changed post offices, I’m going to do that to the new owner of #354!

    • Mary, maybe the previous owner of #354 will read this, get inspired, and send mail to you! Actually, I was thinking why stop at my college p.o. box? I could send mail to all my former addresses…

  2. When I was at college, there was a girl whose first name started with R and whose last name was Hope. I’m not even kidding! Naturally, we got a lot of each other’s mail.

    Papa Sasquatch sent me a *lot* of care packages (yay!). And she got a lot of the package notification slips. I feel bad, because I guess she got really excited every time she got one, then really disappointed when she realized it was (another) package for me.

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