Salinger Mail


There’s an article in today’s New York Times about a bundle of letters sent to a young woman in the 1940’s named Marjorie Sheard and just recently made public. What started out as a request for literary advice from Sheard to J.D. Salinger turned into a flirty correspondence. Its kind of a wholesome, analog version of  the Anthony Weiner debacle, although the two men could not have more different personalities. Salinger was fiercely private, making these letters all the more of a treat to read so many years later.


kreate-a-lopeMy son and I tried out these envelope making templates and true to their claim, they are easy and fun! We used a magazine cover and calendar page and it was a breeze. I have the Paper Source envelope templates but The Kreate-a-Lope is better. For one thing you don’t need scissors- you can just tear the excess paper off the edges of the template. The only benefit to the Paper Source kit is that it comes in 6 different sizes.

But Nick Romer, the brainchild behind the Kreate-A-Lope, wants to produce templates beyond the A2 and A7 sizes already available. He has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to expand his operation and he needs your help. Take a look at his presentation. And get inspired to make some envelopes!

Love & Salt

Amy Andrews and Jessica Mesman Griffith’s new friendship was deepened through their commitment to correspond by post. What started as an agreement to write a letter for each day of the Catholic observance of Lent, evolved into a correspondence that lasted for years, through many intense chapters in both women’s lives. These exchanges have just been published in a book called Love & Salt: A Spiritual Friendship Shared in Letters. 



And they want to encourage you to start a letter writing correspondence with someone you care about, in honor of National Letter Writing Month.

Curious about the book? Well Loyola Press has graciously offered to send a copy to an interested VSM reader. The first person to send this link to a friend who might be up for the challenge will win! How will I know that you did? Well, ok. That’s true. The sending the link part will have to rely on the honor system. The first person to write to me in the comments section, claiming to have sent the link, will win.

Viva Friendships!

Chicago Mail

My family went on vacation to Chicago, well actually Evanston. We were visiting our good friends who had the nerve to move back to their hometown after the kids in New York City thing proved untenable. And they made the right choice because their new, old locale is great. We had a fantastic time!

Some VSM highlights were meeting Donovan from the Letter Writers Alliance and visiting the lovely paper goods store, Greer. It is chock full of carefully selected goodies like this letterpress greeting card from paper parasol pressIMG_2154And this impressive hand cut  Lake  Michigan card by Crafterall.  The little star is Chicago. IMG_2155I even got to be there for the mail carrier’s delivery!IMG_2157

Viva Snail Mail!

April is Letter Writing Month

I know. We don’t need a month right? Cuz we send mail every month of the year? But I think you will also agree that we could use all the help we can get in keeping paper mail relevant. So rev your engines, people.

Oh, sorry. Was I making an absurd pun? I’ll cut to the chase. These new muscle car stamps are rad.