tiny post offices postcards

I love these postcards from Kyle Durrie of Power and Light Press. You can see the rest of the illustrations in the pack on her tiny post offices tumblr.

Kyle gets to see tiny post offices up close as she tours the country in her Moveable Type truck, a 1982 Chevy step van, retrofitted as a letterpress printing shop. Maybe she will be driving through your town this year, or you can propose that she schedules a visit/workshop in your neck of the woods.

Um, I think I am in love with Kyle Durrie.


Valentines Day recap

I think this fantastic mailbox embellishment may be the work of the women behind Good Mail Day but in the un-credited world of the internet jpeg, I am not certain. In any case I LOVE it!

My family got several hand delivered valentines- so sweet.

The handmade cards, of course, slay me but I am also so fond of this store bought card that my son got from a friend at school.

But by post the yield was small this year. Good thing I got valentine mail on Wednesday and Friday because on Thursday, Valentines Day, all there was in my mailbox was a real estate brochure and a credit card bill. I was actually quite depressed. But then I remembered that whole ‘better to give than receive’ thing and all the other blessings in my life and I stopped pouting. Thanks so much to all the people who gave us a little paper affection this year.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Between the output of pint size cuties in my valentine making workshops, the creations of my children, and my own valentine production, 2013 has turned out to be a fun, colorful and love infused valentine making year.

I hope you receive a valentine or two in your mailbox. There’s nothing better!