Bunny Mail

One of the pleasures of this VSM hobby/passion/practice is that some of the adults in my life send very creative mail to my children. Our mailbox is a fun place where paper surprises appear.

Gifted illustrator and nature observer, Beatrix Potter, began many of her now famous children’s books as fun mail. She wrote and drew picture letters to children of friends and family members. Later she borrowed back these letters and used them as the inspiration for books like The Tale of Peter Rabbit, which was published in 1902.

Beatrix Potter: The Picture Letters is on exhibit at the Morgan Library in Manhattan until January 27, 2013. There is a reading area of Potter’s books so bring a kid along! You can view examples on the Morgan Library’s online exhibition.


VSM Holiday Guide to Postcards 4.

Tim Davis is offering a subscription to his Mailbox of the Month Club, which is my kind of postal project. For 50 bucks you or your gift getter will receive 12 signed, limited edition postcards of pictures he made of mailboxes. And they’ll arrive in a mailbox.

The Mailbox of the Month Club accompanies an essay that Davis wrote for the latest issue of Aperture Magazine. If you’ve got an art appreciator on your list, then receiving original work by Tim Davis for 12 straight months might be very exciting. I subscribed and am already plotting how I will display these gems. Taped on the wall like my other favorite postcards? Framed like an (affordable) piece of art? Both?

The mailings start in January 2013.

photo by Tim Davis.

VSM Holiday Guide To Postcards 3.

Do you have an enthusiast of cities, street culture, or graffiti art on your list?

Well then Martha Cooper: Postcards from New York City 1978-2010 is the one! Cooper is a documentary photographer and this collection spans her many years as an observer of the New York City scape.

I bought these for myself. Yes I buy most of my own stocking stuffers. No I don’t mind. These would look fantastic with the Earthscapes stamps, right? Maybe I’ll mail one to you.