Happy Halloween!

Hurricane Sandy gave us quite a fright. Here in New York City we’re all in a bit of shock. The damage to homes, businesses, and trees is immense. Many are without electricity and schools and subways are closed. Here’s a little distraction from all the very real scariness, an illustration from the children’s book “One Witch” by Laura Leuck, illustrated by S.D. Schindler.



The John Lennon Letters

A new book by Beatles biographer Hunter Davies called “The John Lennon Letters” is filled with the postcards, letters, and notes of an apparently prolific and sometimes cranky correspondent. NPR ran a story this weekend with Davies about the book. Worth a listen and maybe a read?

Here is the book’s foreword:

“Under a cherry tree, there’s no stranger.” a Haiku by Issa and its warmth reminds me of John. John Lennon never minced words in his letters. It quite often came with little wiggly drawings, and you knew he was sending his heart to a friend. In an age when most of us are getting more and more into arm’s length communications, it’s a nice idea to send a piece of his thoughts expressed in his own handwriting to you and the universe.

Hunter, you did good.


Pimpin’ for Paint

My new pals over at Martha Stewart asked if  I would be interested in making something with supplies by Martha Stewart Crafts to help promote their new Pinterest board. Free craft supplies? I AM IN!

I decided to make some Autumn inspired postcards to send to friends.

So here’s the blog post to justify the very excellent Martha Stewart Crafts paints and papers and rubber stamps that I received in the mail. Take a look at Martha’s Craft Tools & Tips Pinterest board! Take advantage of the Michael’s Craft store coupons that they’re posting through the month of October! Get inspired to make something!

Viva Martha Mail!

Cake Mail

Look at these unbelievably fantastic mailable slices of cake by Sandra Denneler!

You can make your own by following her tutorial on the site, She Knows Living. What a great way to celebrate an out of town loved one’s birthday- mail ’em some cake!

Or if you just want to buy one, TangBaby over at Etsy has baked up some convincingly scrumptious looking slices. I loved this from her product description: To entertain myself and the more jolly ladies at the post office, when I need to send out my own, I bring them there on a plate.