Etsy Mail

On August 24, 2012 over 6000 people in 600 towns around the globe celebrated the 3rd annual Etsy Craft Party. Here in Brooklyn, home to Etsy headquarters and Viva Snail Mail, Etsy hosted its own party at Brooklyn Bridge Park that included 3 different craft projects, food trucks and a live brass band. My friend Dari and I led a fun collage postcard making project around the theme of “Wish You Were Here”.

At first the event felt like others I have hosted- people sitting at tables making mail.

But then it got packed!

I mean, it was my first experience with a craft MOB. No one was trying to stab me with a glue stick or anything but at a certain point Dari and I were providing chair and scissor triage.

People were so committed to crafting that they set up shop on the ground!

Needless to say, I had a blast. Viva Snail Mail!

Hope 2

This week my sister Hope and her excellent husband Kristian will celebrate their first wedding anniversary. And they made a baby this year! Well done!

Last summer I screen printed cards and handed them out to guests at their wedding, asking people to write a few words of love and encouragement for the bride and groom. I also provided pens and envelopes. Over the wedding weekend I collected the cards and have been mailing them to Hope and Kristian all year.

But let’s be honest. A really fun wedding is not the ideal time to sit down and pen a heartfelt card. My aunt Deborah did a similar thing for me when I got married. She asked my females to write to me at a ladies’ brunch that she and my grandma hosted the day before the wedding. There was a set time to write. And people were already seated. What a great idea- the cards were so wonderful! I would find one in my mailbox every few weeks or so and not know what it was. When I’d open it and read the note, the whole wedding glow would come back in a rush.

So as far as suggesting this project, I think it lends itself more to a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner or a very mature bachelor party. Leave the wedding day for celebrating.

In any case, Hope and Kristian, I love you both. And so do a whole bunch of people who wrote those cards. Happy Anniversary!



Dear Hope

There’s a new baby in our family! My sister Hope and her husband had a baby girl and we’re all just a little excited, or as my daughter says, ” a yiddle issited.”

Since Hope is the most consistent commenter on this blog and her birthday is coming up, the next two entries will be dedicated to her.

Dear Hope,

I am so glad there is a new child in our family for me to correspond with/indoctrinate! Thanks!

When my niece is at least 2 and ready for TV, Sesame Street’s website has an entire video playlist called Post Office and Mail. I can’t wait to watch with her.

And these soft blocks are in your hand me down future.


Auntie Melissa