i wish you no ill will.

Boston based artist EL Putnam distributed blank, stamped, self addressed postcards with the following request:

write an anonymous note to someone you have loved and lost. you can write whatever you wish, but you are required to end your note with the sentence: “i wish you no ill will.” then put this postcard in the mail so it may  become part of an installation and performance  series by EL Putnam taking place at Mobius (www.mobius.org) August 26-31, 2012.  this project is a meditation about broken hearts, forgiveness, and letting go.

I wish I was closer to Cambridge to check this out! Maybe you can go in my place?

Here’s an interview with Putnam in today’s Boston Globe.

RIP Remy Charlip

Earlier this year I wrote about re-discovering the book, Arm in Arm by the children’s book author/illustrator, dancer, and choreographer Remy Charlip. Well he passed away this month at the age of 83.

In his New York Times obituary I learned that one of his playful ways of collaborating was “airmail dance.” He would send a set of drawings of dance poses by post to other dance companies and have them put the poses together with their own choreography.

Remy Charlip, I adore you. Thanks for gracing us with your wit and creativity.

Viva Remy Charlip!


Olympic Mail

Apparently the USPS did not issue postage stamps to commemorate this year’s Olympic games but we can savor these gems from Grandpa Sidney’s collection.

Happy Olympics!