Left Field Cards

Last month at Renegade Craft Fair I came across Left Field Cards’ booth, selling packs of handmade, baseball themed postcards. There were 6 different packs of 5 to choose from and after much deliberation I decided on “Bizarre Injuries” for my husband for his birthday. He loved them! Can you see why?


Left Field Cards is the brainchild of Amelie Mancini, a French artist who moved to New York City in 2006 and fell in love with American baseball. I love her illustrations, her product presentation, her sense of humor and the fact that she has chosen postcards as her medium. Buy a pack for that baseball fan in your life. Because these cards are close to perfect, in sharp contrast to Mancini’s favorite baseball team, The New York Mets.


Playground Mail 2

VSM hosted another fantastic Make Mail! event this week. Some very enthusiastic kids at our local playground made pictures and letters, picked out either a bicycle or cartoon postage stamp, stuck them on envelopes, carefully wrote out addresses, and sent them off to friends and family. One kid even wrote to the President! And since we know that Obama is a stellar correspondent, he might just get a reply. If not, we’ll cut him some slack. I mean, there are just a few things on the POTUS’s plate right now.

I love hosting free mail making events for kids. And I am so grateful that supplies have been covered by small donations from people who like what I am doing. Please consider making a donation so that I can continue this fun mission. Thanks and Viva Snail Mail!





A few weeks back I was invited to Martha Stewart Headquarters in Manhattan to test drive a new card making app called Martha Stewart CraftStudio. I had SO much fun. I did find it bizarre and hilarious that Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. wanted help from lil old me to promote their new product but when I did a google search about the app, there were pages of results of blog posts about it! Those women over at Martha Stewart know what they’re doing- get the craft bloggers and app bloggers to spread the word.

So here’s the word.

Its an app for the iPad. It is very intuitive. And fun. You can make cards using digital versions of craft supplies like patterned paper, rubber stamps, glitter, punch shapes, and stickers. You can import your own photos too.

After you make your card, you can print it out or send it by email or send your file to Snapfish for multiples. A very affordable way to make invitations, right?

Its really easy and well designed. Even for kids. You know I like making real cards with real craft supplies but I also thoroughly enjoyed playing on this app. If you have an iPad the download is free until July 8th. Get it.

Here’s one of the many cards I made.