catfish mail

Have you seen the documentary, Catfish? It came out in 2010 but I just saw it this past weekend. Yes, there are packages and postcards in the film but more importantly it is a complex, fascinating pen pal story for the digital age. And since its hard to say more about it without revealing the plot, I won’t. Don’t read anything about it first, just rent it!





Bicycle Mail

Have you ever seen the Jacque Tati movie, Jour de Fete? With the bicycle riding mailman? If not, then rent it! It is so funny and brings together two of my favorite things, mail and bicycles.

By now you know that I have been a paper mail enthusiast since way back but did you know that I have also been a city cyclist since I was a teenager with a courier bag? That’s why I have been very excited about all the recent efforts by groups like Transportation Alternatives to make New York City a better place to bike. David Byrne, a long time city cyclist, (who I have never seen wearing a helmet!) wrote this fine piece called This is How We Ride in the New York Times a few weeks back.

And speaking of mail and bicycles, the USPS issued these stamps on June 7th! Buy them and use them for postage on some Viva Bicycles mail. I’m gonna.

To watch more bicycle movies, the Bicycle Film Festival will be here in New York City from June 27th to July 1st. The fest makes stops all over the world so check out their website for dates.

The Postcard Museum

Here’s Joe and Biskit. In the 1970’s. That’s all I know. Pastafarians, do tell.

A quick “postcard museum” google search has revealed to me that postcard collections have migrated to the internet. And there are some amazing collections, just a click away!

But are there any brick and mortar postcard museums out there? Drop some knowledge. please.