2012 Postcard Challenge

My love of postcards is a nature/nurture trait. The opportunity for sparce but meaningful writing on one side and a single photo or illustration on the other speaks to my aesthetics. I like the balance of image and text, the chance to receive an unexpected, little piece of art to hang on my wall. That appreciation is both nature and nurture. But the straight nurture? That is a direct result of my step-father Biskit and his band of postcard loving friends, the Pastafarians. But like many of us, their card sending fell off in the digital transition. So a few summers back Biskit initiated a postcard challenge to get people back in postal shape and the results were impressive. My family received 67 postcards!

So the Pastafarians are at it again, with the 2012 Postcard Challenge. And I have already received 3 postcards. Thanks Sue, Lago, and Deb! I am going to start sending out cards today.

Here’s how it works.

1. Get a group of friends to agree to a postcard challenge! Skeptical? What about all those “friends” you have on Facebook. Rope them in!

2. Have them email you their paper mailing addresses.

3. Distribute this list to everyone in the group. If you want to get theme-y, go right ahead! I’d be psyched for a “Greetings from…” postcard challenge.

4. Buy some stamps from usps.com.

5. Make picture postcards out of cereal boxes and old National Geographics that you rescue from the curb (that’s what I do) or buy some at a museum/book store/card shop/antique store.

6. Mail them to people on your list. All summer.

7. Receive mail from people on your list. All summer.

Viva Snail Mail!

Make Mail!

Some highlights from this month’s Make Mail! table at The Green-Woodstock Spring event in Brooklyn:

A letter to Katy Perry written by a Kindergartener, with hardly any spelling help.

The first time I had seen the keyboard heart symbol written by hand.

Visits from creative friends and neighbors.

And almost 50 pieces of mail made and sent!