2nd grade mail

I was very inspired by this message from a friend of a friend:

Can you help me out? Our daughter Rose’s 2nd grade class (the Owls) are studying the Post Office and how communication has evolved over the years. This touches on a lot of academic subjects: (math, geography, writing and community based learning). It would be great if you could send a post card to the class from where ever you may be. Or forward this email on to friends and family from all over the world asking them to send the Owls letters and postcards. We’ll read the letters together, find the location on the map, and place them on the bulletin board outside our door (so make sure they’re 2nd grade appropriate!)

This is the teacher’s 5th year doing this project and the kids just love it. They have set up a running post office in the classroom that is student led. Each day different children take turns acting as the mail carrier, mail sorter and cashier while other students write letters. Stamps cost 6 cents and prices go up regularly. Each student has their own set of money to buy stamps with. Eventually we’ll open the post office up to the whole school.If you would like to participate please send letters, postcards to:
Children’s Day School
Ms. Amy and Ms. Daniela (The Owls)
333 Dolores St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
I think these teachers need a special VSM award. In fact, I think I am going to make them one. For now, I sent those little owls a postcard. What do you say, readers? Can you send the Owls some mail from your zip code? Viva Snail Mail!


7 thoughts on “2nd grade mail

  1. What a great idea! I did it with one of my art classes when I was teaching and i hope all of you love doing it as much as my students did! Thanks for sharing your project! Keep being creative!!!!!!!

  2. Are they looking for zipcodes or postmarks. If it’s post marks I would be happy to run around town and send out a bunch. While they would all show sacramento, they would show different zips.

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