Kids’ mail has been very much on my mind. I am going to host an art making project for kids of all ages at the Greenwood Playground Flea Market in Brooklyn on May 7th called “Make Mail” and I am very excited!┬áSo when I discovered boys in capes quietly making supermail in my living room, my heart swelled with love and pride.

Play Mail

As you might expect, making and sending mail is a pretty regular craft practice for my son Dmitri and me. I love that he loves mail but it turns out that he’s not alone. Paper mail is something many little kids like. Kids love to draw pictures for specific people. Handing over those drawings as “mail” is a natural next step. Lots of playhouses come equipped with mailboxes. Mail carriers often appear in picture books and out on the sidewalk, real life mail carriers garner the kind of interest that they deserve but definitely don’t receive. In the world of play, its still 1994.

Dmitri has not yet been tempted by the ease of email and text messaging. For him, the computer is merely a means to watch YouTube videos and Peep and the Big Wide World. For the under five crowd, paper mail David beats digital Goliath. That’s why I was so charmed by Dmitri’s friend Nico’s homemade mailbox.