viva REALLY snail-y mail!

This weekend I found this article in the New York Times about a postcard that was sent in 1977 and received in February by a woman in Manhattan. It was not meant for her so she tracked down the intended recipient as well as the sender, re-uniting them after they had fallen out of touch. Great sleuth work. I was reminded of those stories about discarded, stolen wallets found so many years later in the walls of a theater or office building and returned to their owners.

So my question is, where do you think this postcard was languishing for the past 24 years?

Ding Dong Meow

The Andrea Rosen doesn’t just make valentines. She is also a comic, actress, and writer and she is performing her one woman show “Ding Dong Meow” this month. Go see her! March 9th & 23rd at 8pm Upright Citizens Brigade Theater 307 West 26th Street RSVP 212.366.9176.

Ding Dong Meow is not about doorbells and it’s not about cats. Sorry! It’s about a guy named Gary, Madison-Wisconsin, Oprah, a bride with a hearing issue, Old Faithful, and diarrhea. It’s about saying and doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, and then telling everyone about it on stage. It’s storytelling, letters, characters, and cookies!