Horse Mail

We got these excellent postcards featuring horses from our sweet friend Corita, one addressed to our kids and the other to my husband and me. She mailed them from Argentina, after taking her first horse ride in the Patagonian mountains. Never mind that her trip was in late November and the postcards arrived in early January. I love them! They’re kind of like that folded up five dollar bill in your coat pocket from last winter.



In anticipation of sending out valentines to my loved ones I am planning to buy some stamps online. The only overt LOVE stamps are the “king and queen of hearts”, which I used last year and the entirely unappealing, “pansies in a basket”. So I have narrowed things down to these two options. ¬†Which ones should I purchase?

1. Julia de Burgos, who was a Puerto Rican¬†poet and activist. Those two pursuits require passion, so maybe appropriate for Valentine’s day?

2. The Chinese New Year stamps. Those kumquats might just make some people have, um, loving feelings?

Valentine’s Day countdown

3 weeks-ish til Valentine’s Day. That means that you have 3 more weeks-ish to make valentines or host a valentine making party or, if you are in the New York City area, make valentines with me! Viva Snail Mail and Church of Craft will be co-hosting a valentine making party at Spacecraft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Sunday February 6th and we would love to cut paper hearts with you.

I did get it together to make holiday cards and I am happy with how they turned out. I traced my kids’ hands, drew this illustration, and then screenprinted the cards with my gocco printer. On the back I wrote:

To Life

To Light

To Growth

and I send you those wishes as well, even if its January 15th.