Ah, Vermont.

Thanks HT, for these photos from the cutest post office in America. It contrasts GREATLY from my own P.O. in Brooklyn but I’ll save that rant for after the holidays. So far, Santa has received 30 letters from this lil mailbox and apparently, he has already replied. Not only is he highly productive but Santa is a fabulous correspondent too, an inspiration to us all.

Letter to Santa

I have been feeling caught in that seasonal vice. You know the one. You have all these ideas of the winter holidays- how you want to celebrate, what gifts you want to buy and make, the cards you plan to send out. And then its the week before Christmas and all the stuff in your head has not materialized and you are pressed for time and you get pissed off and don’t feel festive at all. The dream and the reality set your head in a vice.

Then I saw these photos of my son’s pal Charlie sending off her letter to Santa. Charlie, thanks for reconnecting holiday anticipation with pleasure.

Viva Snail Mail!


Holiday Mail


I bought these Evergreen stamps for our holiday cards. They’re on sale. Now all I have to do is get the holiday cards going. We’re sending out postcards. True, these are not postcard stamps but I figure the difference in postage is my contribution to the gasping for air, United States Postal Service. But then again, maybe with the sale price, its not much of a help.

Do you have any holiday mail plans in the pipeline?

Hope Tucker reports from Vermont that her local post office is selling some snazzier than usual shipping boxes for holiday mail. Oh yeah, I gotta get going on my packages too. My weekend plans are starting to become clear to me.