Grandpa’s Typewriter

My Grandpa Al loved to write. He was a great story teller and his letters were funny, descriptive, and tangential. He passed away last week at 95 years old. While my Grandmother bravely transitioned to using a computer and is an excellent email correspondent, my Grandpa continued to write letters on his typewriter. And now, like many typewriter users of the previous century, he has passed on. I wonder what will become of that beautiful old machine. Thanks for the letters Grandpa. They will be missed. And so will you.

grandpa letter002

p.s. Again I apologize for the formatting on WordPress. My options are to either post this letter excerpt too small to read or all stretched out like this.

Happy Halloween!

2 weeks til Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. When I think of Halloween and mail, my friend Andrew and his annual Halloween cards come to mind.

Andrew, how did the annual Halloween card come to be? Well, the guys I live with and myself LOVE Halloween. We had carved these three pumpkins and took a picture. We loved how it looked because the sun was setting in the window and it had this amazing fall feel to it. I really felt that it made a perfect card. So we printed it up, put it in a bright orange envelope and sent it off. Then a tradition was born. We have done it since 2004, but due to circumstances beyond our control we missed last year. However, we are back at it again and excited to do it. We all come up with a design, but then Derek, who is a designer, and I create the final card.


Why a Halloween card rather than the traditional Christmas card mailing? Number one, our love for Halloween, surpasses our love for the Christmas season. Secondly, there is also something still a little unexpected about getting a Halloween card in the mail, as opposed to a Christmas card. However, it seems now that places like Target and CVS are carrying a much bigger selection of Halloween cards, than they did in the past, so more people must be doing it.  I have seen many vintage Halloween postcards, so it must have been in favor in the past as well.


Any temptation to send your Halloween cards by email? The first year we did it we only printed a few for our close friends and family.  They were so well received that we decided to mail out a whole lot more the second year.  The third year was our biggest mailing, but then sadly the cost of printing at home and postage became too much.  So we’ve had to cut back on the actual mailing of the cards.  We still mail them to those that have said they like having them and they put them up on their mantles each year, but we have to email out the rest.

You and I have been sending each other mail for about 20 years. Are you game for another 20? Absolutely, and I just wish that I had time to send you much more, as nothing beats getting a true piece of mail!  Ironically, today I received a post card from you, a letter from my brother and a nice collage from another friend of mine – zero bills, zero junk mail and zero magazines or catalogs. Just honest to goodness correspondence.  It was a FANTASTIC “real” mail day.

Viva Snail Mail!


Some fun

I am going through my postcard collection, cooking up some projects. In my stash I found this postcard, that has been in my possession since I was 9 years old and an avid cart-wheeler. What was I thinking, defacing a perfect postcard with all that scotch tape! It was taped to my bedroom door for quite some time.

cartwheel postcard001