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There’s an article in the NYT today about a skater named Bobby Crawford, aka Shaggy, who is all about mail. He works in the mailroom at the Hearst Corporation in Manhattan and also sends handwritten letters to the editors of the magazines that he reads. He’s been doing both for over a decade. There is something incredibly poignant about a man whose job is to sort and deliver mail at a major media company who chooses to create his own opinionated mail in his free time. I wonder if the people in the mail rooms of Thrasher or Interview magazines deliver Crawford’s mail to the editors with some innate reverence. Read the profile of Shaggy the ranter here.

Photo of Shaggy by Librado Romero.


Pomegranate Press

At my sister Allison’s fabulous wedding this past weekend on Cape Cod I got a tip from some fellow postcard appreciators. There were postcards on sale for cheap at the local Ocean State Job Lot. My sister Christina and I checked it out the next day and sure enough, amidst all the odd loot, there was a big bin of cards from Pomegranate Press, priced at 10 CENTS EACH!

On Pomegranate Press’s website they are offering a deal which is almost as good:

A mystery assortment culled from Pomegranate’s entire list of hundreds of postcard titles…selection ranges across the gamut of our publishing interests…history, contemporary fine art, classic and modernist art from museum collections all over the world, architecture, design, arts and crafts, multi-culturalism, literature, metaphysics, humor, fine art photography, jazz, the blues and the occasional just plain goofy image.

It’s impossible to go wrong with this deal. Even if your dog chews up half of your order, you’re still way ahead of the game. 100 cards for 14.95.

Thanks to Joe and Biskit for the head’s up. Look for some of my purchases in your mailbox. And thanks to Christina for pouring over the bin of cards with me. That was fun. You’ll be getting some mail too. And mazol tov to Allison and Dustin! Prepare for married mail!


Postcard photo by Ira Nowinski of Gregory Corso, Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, 1977.

Nature Stamps

As I have mentioned, I am using stamps from my Grandpa’s collection as postage. Yesterday I tore off two 29 cent “Wild Animals” stamps from a 1991 booklet, licked the backs and stuck them on an envelope. My son came over and asked if he could have one so I tore off a white bangal tiger stamp for him. He ran over to his desk to make a card but came back a moment later and asked, “Hey, how do you work this thing?”  I replied, ” You have to lick the back. That gets the glue wet.”

Today the Postal Service is issuing these beautiful Hawaiian rainforest stamps.

They’re self adhesive.