We heart Postcards

I hope you all have had a wonderful summer and are enjoying its last few weeks with grace and ice cream. I brought a bit of Viva Snail Mail with me on vacation and subjected my friends to the first ever VSM event. Before our trip I asked the people who I vacation with to bring along an address of someone they would like to send a bit of vacation bliss to by post. I explained that I would provide tacky Cape Cod postcards and stamps and after we all wrote cards together, I would take a trip to the post office to mail them. Easy.

After a few days of sun and food and laughter and naps, I set out blankets and pens for some post BBQ, golden hour postcard writing. I think that my friends were humoring me at first. But once they started to write, several people re-connected with a lost sensation. A few friends, who regularly post on Facebook with postcard worthy updates, told me that they could not remember the last time they had written a postcard from their vacation. They liked it. And I did too.

Viva Snail Mail!