2 letter projects

This was a good week for mail. I got 2 wedding invitations, a postcard from Biskit, a letter from HT, a thank you note, and a package. Plus 2 mail related projects came my way. The first was from my friend Randi Cecchine, who is sending back the mail she has received from people over the years. She is calling it “The Letter Project” and boy was it fun to open an envelope and find postcards that I had written to her in 1992. Look for an interview with Randi soon.

The second was a request from my sister Allison to her family elders to write letters to ourselves at her age and mail them to her. She was inspired by a story on the radio called What would you say to your 20 year old self? So I sat down and wrote to myself at age 26 and then sent the letter off to Allison. Hopefully she can cull some wisdom from it and if not, at least she’ll get some mail. I loved the process of writing the letter, decorating the envelope and dropping it in a blue mailbox. It felt like art therapy and I recommend it.  In fact I think I may ask my elders to write letters to their 40 year old selves, as I approach that milestone this year. Receiving some perspective might soften the blow of becoming a muthahflipping 40 year old!

And if not, at least I’ll get some mail.

Saturday Delivery?

“The reality that folks need to come to grips with is there simply is not enough mail in the system any longer for us to sustain a six-day network,” said Sam Pulcrano, vice president for sustainability at the post office.

As a cost saving measure, the USPS is hoping to end Saturday mail delivery. But the plan has its critics. Read the full article in the New York Times.

Photos by Remy Steiner