Mother’s Day Extension

Its the last day of April. Have you sent out a letter or card? Or a poem about spring or taxes? If you have, I adore you. And if not, well, you’re in luck! It turns out that National Card and Letter Writing Month extends to Mother’s Day so its actually National Card and Letter Writing Month and nine days. Here’s the card I found for my mother. Mom, if you’re reading, sorry for the spoiler. Oh look. Its actually an Easter card. Perfect.

mother's day001

mother's day002

tax day poem

I got this beautiful postcard with a tax day poem written on the back. Thanks Corita for taking the VSM challenge and sending some mail to ME! If you’ve sent mail this month, then write a comment and tell us all about it.

rose postcard001

VSM Challenge

April is National Letter Writing Month. Its also National Poetry Month. Its also the month that tax returns are due to the Internal Revenue Service. And its the month that Spring is full on here in Brooklyn. Thank you perky daffodils, tulips, and Callery Pear tree blossoms. You have arrived just in the nick of time.

I don’t know who makes up these dedicated months and I wish letter writing and poetry didn’t need their own month to remain relevant. But enough grumpiness. My Viva Snail Mail challenge to you is to write a letter to someone and include a poem about spring or taxes or both. You can find poems about spring at, an excellent website from the Academy of American Poets. Thank you to Tina Cane for that bit of information. Her poem, Butterfly Catcher, is included in the list. My google search for poems about taxes brought up a few rants so you’re on your own to find one or write one on that subject.

And here’s a little perspective to hopefully serve as a motivator. If paper and pen and envelope and stamp feel like work compared to email, here is a letter written and carved by an Ancient Egyptian on a clay tablet.

rock letter001