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3 more weeks til Valentine’s Day, people. Last year I took part in two valentine making charity events. The first was hosted by Fred Flare.com. People made homemade valentines, which were sold on Fred Flare’s website and the proceeds went to Elder Craftsmen, an organization that assists senior citizens in making handmade crafts. Here are some of the submissions. Mine’s the one with the 2 boys in love on a bicycle. 



At Etsy Labs in Brooklyn, my friend Andrea Rosen and I made valentines that were included with Meals on Wheels deliveries on Valentine’s Day. Andrea is one of my favorite people to make valentines with because she is not only fun to be with, she’s the fastest crafter in the Northeast. Watching her blaze through a pile of paper is a sight to behold. Here’s us doing what we love with scissors and glue. 




Make a handmade valentine for someone who maybe least expects one.

Spread the love.

happy new year!

Well readers, its been a busy time here at Viva Snail Mail. Please excuse the infrequency of my blog posts- I have a new baby and she is the cutest parasite ever. While she sleeps I want to write about my favorite holiday- Valentine’s Day. I love it because I get to make homemade valentines and mail them to the people that I love. Not just my husband but my grandparents and my friends get homemade love testimonials via the post. But this simple pleasure requires some time so here’s your tip. Start now! Valentine’s Day is a month away. 

Over the years I have hosted valentine making parties at my house. Sometimes we have had combination superbowl/valentine making parties, since I have zero interest in football but love to cut paper hearts. Here’s me with the aftermath of one of these parties, sometime in the mid 1990’s.  Don’t let this photo dissuade you. You can be tidier than this if need be. I like to really spread out the collage materials for optimal sharing with my guests. 

vd making001













So break out the glue stick and scissors. Start collecting colored paper from the recycling bin. Find your paper hearts. Order some stamps from usps.com. If you scan and email me your homemade valentines I will post them on the blog. Send them to melissa@vivasnailmail.com. Viva Valentines!