It’s hot!

Time to turn on the AC, get out my postcards and pens, park myself on the couch and start writing! Today I am sending out housewarming cards to friends in Philly, Maine, and California. Later I’ll get out my parasol (ok, umbrella) and take a leisurely stroll to the mailbox. 


Please read this letter that I wrote

Dear readers,

How are you? What have you been up to this past month? I apologize for falling off the blog wagon. The reasons for my delinquency are pretty boring but I will make it up to you. Even though I had spotty computer access this month I didn’t stop thinking about snail mail and you. I miss you!

Your Viva Snail Mail Comrade,


P.S. Here is a song for you by Alison Kraus and Robert Plant. It won the 2009 record of the year Grammy and it seems to be playing on the sound system every time I step into my local supermarket.